Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Apparently, I have *issues*

You may have noticed a brief bloggy break over the past few days. That was due to the fact that early Saturday morning, we loaded up the van and headed up to Kalamazoo, MI with a follow up stop at my dad's on the way home.
We are lucky the only thing that got hung that trip was the toy elf next to Turner.
Let's just say I've been working hard on my stress management when it comes to road trips. I've done quite well, recently, if I do say so myself. But this trip didn't start off too well. I'd like to blame it on the fact that it's a Christmas trip. You know, to celebrate the Prince of Peace and all. And with all that Peace celebrating comes loads and loads of gifts, food, over night stuff, etc.
I might have raised my voice a little as we were getting into the car and were waiting on Steve to bring the dog (which only makes life more stressful. We normally have to make a stop at the kennel on our way to wherever we are going.)
After I got done yelling, I apologized and asked the kids to forgive me. To which Quinn replied,
"Mom, are you having ISSUES?"
Why yes, Quinn, I am. Thanks for noticing. The rest was smooth sailing for the next five hours.
Once we got to Kalamazoo we had fun reuniting with our relatives. Cousin Katie (now a freshman in college) was a big hit!

Especially when after a few hours of being there she asked if she and Olivia could go out on an adventure. I wasn't convinced O would go by herself since we don't really see Katie but once a year.
But to my delight, she hopped in the car and away they went to the nail salon and got Olivia's first ever manicure. She was delighted!
She has just heightened her diva status that's for sure.

Of course Aunt Debbie is also a huge hit! These two share a common love of all things pink and that makes Aunt Debbie pretty special around here.

The main attraction up in Kalamazoo is Great Grandma. Steve's grandma is 88 and is the only remaining Great Grandparent on either side.
She lives in Tampa but *winters* in Michigan. The kids got spoiled rotten on cookies and kielbasa for two days straight.

It is so nice to see Great Grandma and we wished she lived closer so that we could see her more often, but we sure are glad that we get to see her once a year!

Monday morning when Kalamazoo could take us no longer, we packed up the van and headed to Toledo to my dad's. More on that later.
On our way there we stopped at Whole Foods for a fun lunch. The kids got a kick out of eating at the counter in the window. They also loved picking out their food from the buffet and carrying it to the check out like big kids.
Our Christmas miracle this year was that no one spilled any of their mac n cheese (their $8 mac n cheese, thank you Whole Foods) along the way.
Trust me, if they had, I would have had ISSUES!

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vwiller said...

This is our first nontraveling holiday season ever with kids. Since Tim's parents now live 8 minutes away not 8+hours! I can't believe how I am procrastinating this year though and am not organized or anything done....I don't have to be as ready!