Monday, December 6, 2010

In like a lion

It must be March, because I am officially done with winter! (Didn't take me long, did it?) I became *officially done* this morning when on my way to the Y, the DJ on our local All-Christmas-all-the-time channel announced that it was 12 degrees outside. Yep, stick a fork in me, I'm done!

Our weekend adventures didn't help in the "Yay, I'm so excited it's winter" department. This is the first year my kids are excited about the snow. Last year, I bought all three of them $30 boots and not one single one of them would even put them on their feet. This year? They ONLY want to wear their boots. (It helps when the boots are Spiderman boots that LIGHT UP. Oh I know, I can't even begin to describe the ugly, but hey, whatever works, right?)

They insisted on getting the sled out. You'll notice that Olivia had to pull the boys through gravel because there wasn't even snow covering the ground. Ugh.

We live about 100 steps from the park. Where at least there was a bit more snow. The boys had been begging to build a Frosty the snowman.

As you can see, the snow afforded only a Frosty the little person.

Despite the 1,000 things that are lousy about a 3 year old, getting excited about dumb stuff is not one of them. They could have cared less about how big the Frosty was, only that there was one!

How they even know about snow angels is beyond me. Turner thought he'd try his hand in the mulch angel department.

Olivia got the hang of it. And now that she is equipped with snow pants I was all for the laying down and rolling around in the freezing cold.
Just don't make me do it!

The finished product.
In case you're wondering, snow angels are much lovelier than mulch angels.

And to round out our perfectly pathetic homemade winter adventure, the kids went sledding down the *hill.*
You might not be able to see it from this angle, but trust me, the ground DOES make a slight if not gradual incline. Enough to get an enthusiastic "Wee" from Turner.
I know, it really is pathetic, isn't it?

But it's all good when you come back home, take off the 20 soaking wet and freezing cold layers, throw them in the middle of the floor for your mother to pick up, and drink some yummy hot chocolate (hold the marshmallows but make it a double on the whipped cream.)
Only about another 100 of these to go.
Come on little lamb, bring me into April, baby!


sherry said...

LOVE the pic of poor little O. pulling the sled w/brothers over the gravel. But, hey, her snow angel is very pretty.
A.S. in AZ.

vwiller said...

Right there with you Big!! All the way home from school (exactly 4 blocks when I have to drive) my boys were begging to "play in the snow" I told them that the grass has to be covered in snow before there is enough! Oh and light up Spiderman boots are awful....but we have now had 3 pairs in this house!!

Katie said...

i'm just digging olivia's all pink snow suit!!

Tita said...

Those Frosty the little people are adorably hilarious! I never would've noticed them if you hadn't pointed them out.

Katie O. said...

At least you have a little bit of an incline at the park..I remember my dad just pushing us off the concrete slab we called a back porch & however far we went was the extent of our ride. Looks like the kids are really enjoying the snow, but I'm totally with you..when's April?