Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Proof is in the pudding... or the fudge

I've been meaning to blog for days now. And honestly its the uploading the pictures that has kept me from posting. I get ready to do it and then I think about the cookies I need to bake (the tally is up to 5 batches and 2 batches of fudge w/ one batch of cookies in the oven.) Ummm... can we say excessive? Especially for someone who is in the throws of trying to figure out the new Weight Watchers Points Plus system. (Why they thought they would roll out a brand new system several weeks before Christmas is beyond me.) Here I was cruising along just fine (except for that *slight* panic month when I needed to step up my game) and they go changing the whole dang thing on me. If you're not into Weight Watchers, or your weight or what you eat, then you're probably bored right now. But trust me, change is never easy my friends. I gained 2 lbs the first week and I'm freaking out because *hello* 7 batches of cookies and 2 batches of fudge. whew.

Oh, right, so what I was saying is that I've been too busy (complaining and baking) to upload my pictures.

And oh there are pictures! We've been busy around here. Olivia had her last dance class that was held on stage. So, naturally, I had my camera and my video camera. And since I know you're DYING to see her, I felt like I could not blog until those were ready to go.

Then, we sat on Santa's lap this weekend. And we are truly suckers (or idiots?) because we spent $30 to get pictures with him. What happened to the good 'ole days (better known as the '70's) when they'd toss a Polaroid at you for a buck? Well my friends, those days are dead. Killed by digital photos and scam artists, apparently. And by the fact that we, as well as from what I could tell in line, 50 other families plopped down the cash.

But like I told Steve, what price are memories? He figured about $31.95 for the cheap package.

I've been meaning to scan those in so that you can see them, but every time I think about it the boys are in their naps and we've *brilliantly* moved the printer/scanner right outside of their rooms. Foiled again.

There was snow and more hot chocolate and driving around looking at Christmas lights. There were trains made out of Rice Krispies decorated by my three kids (who apparently will be headed straight to a Weight Watchers meeting with me just as soon as Christmas Cookie Extravaganza '10 is over!) And the fact that all those stories come to you without picture proof is a small personal failure. But I'm hoping the fact that I've now just gone and done it with out the picture proof will get me over the hump and I'll be back on track to posting.

Until then, I'm going to go and try and figure out where those two extra pounds came from?! Because SURELY it wasn't from the fudge!

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Colleen said...

This sounds like something I would have written, except the WW part because I'm lazy like that. I gave up a while ago on the posting of pics on my blog because the computer was bogged down. We cleared that issue up and now my card reader doesn't like my largest memory card. Guess I'm not meant to post pics right now. Well there's always fb. Hopefully you'll come back to fb after the holidays! All this to say, no pics necessary, people will still read your blog! Oh, and I've actually been writing on mine lately!