Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Flying the friendly skies

Here I am. Laying on an air mattress in the Fiji house.  My kids are 2 feet away from me.  Good times.

The trip went well.  Except when Olivia spilled ketchup all over her dress.  Before we even reached our gate.  In Dayton.  And except when we didn't have seats next to each other on the big flight from Chicago to L.A.  And no one wanted to switch with us.  Except one nice guy.

Which is okay, since the other guy who didn't want to switch seats had to endure 40 minutes of Turner explaining every in and out of Temple Run.  And Temple Run 2.  And Temple Run Brave.  And a game of Uno.  And when Turner spilled his Sprite on the guys lap.  Oops.  Sorry sir.  guess you should have given your seat to one of his parents.

Served him right.

But all is well.  We are trying to adjust to the time change.  Pictures and stories to come.  I just wanted to check in and report in that we are safe and sound.

I'm off to enjoy a *hopefully* better rest than last nights.


Vivian said...

Glad you made it there! We once took a trip when the kids were 2 and 6 months. Our flight was delayed so we ended up getting overbooked onto a flight that didn't leave until after midnight. An older guy insisted on having his window seat which meant we all had to separate. So I didn't feel so bad when my 2 year old screamed non stop for the first hour of the flight because for one he was way over tired and two, he just wanted to be next to his momma.

victoria said...

So the Fiji house...I hope you let them stomp all over the star every time....and have a wonderful time making memories!