Friday, May 4, 2012

Help Whip Cancer

I have not been a big *cancer is my cause* person since all of this started.  I'm still not.  However, my friend Shannon started a Pampered Chef business recently and she told me about what they are doing during the month of May.  I told her I would let you know about it.  I hope you will at least click on this link and read about it.

Here is how it works: certain products will automatically have proceeds donated to the American Cancer Society.  The other angle has to do with the total proceeds of the *party.*  This is an online party; which means you don't have to come to my house (so even if you don't live in the Greater Dayton area you can participate.)  You don't have to mingle with people you don't know and if you want products you can have them sent directly to you.  I won't get anything free by hosting this on-line party (so don't feel like you have to buy a pie plate in order for me to get free stuff.)  The idea is, if you are already a Pampered Chef fan, have a bridal shower to go to or a Mother's Day gift to buy, why not do it this way? If the on-line totals add up, Pampered Chef will donate up to 25% of the sales to the ACS. 

If you choose to order, please click on the above link to shop Online and enter First Name: Help Whip Last name: Cancer  (this ensures your order goes to this fundraiser.)

I think that is cool. 

If you DO live in the Dayton area and you want to be further involved, there is a Bingo Fundraiser next Thursday night, May 10th from 7-9pm at Parkview United Methodist Church in Miamisburg.  Admission to the event is easy, buy one of the Whip Cancer Event products (and Pampered Chef will donate $1 to ACS automatically).  This will buy you one Bingo Card.  Additional cards may be obtained.  Door prizes and Bingo prizes are pretty cool Pampered Chef products.  If you're looking for something to do with a group of friends, check this out. 

Okay, that is it.  I really try to very rarely promote *stuff* on my blog.  This one seemed like a really good idea.  I hope it helps you and ultimately the research for various cures for cancer.  I guess I have an investment in that!

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