Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pearly whites

Well, looks like Quinn WOULD be better off with steak knives for teeth. Especially since the ones he has are apparently rotting out of his head. I took the kids to the dentist about a month ago when we found out he had 9 cavities. N.I.N.E.

Oh my word. Does that make me a hillbilly mom, or what? Poor guy. There are so many cavities in his head he needed three separate appointments to fill and cap them all. Yesterday was installment number one. We go to a pediatric dentist in town and up until now he's been more than happy to go. At the end of each appointment the kids get tokens that they can use in the gumball-like machines filled with toys. Parents are not allowed to go back with the kids. He always walks happily back with the hygienist.

Yesterday was no exception. About 10 minutes later the dentist called me back. Every time they went at him to do anything he became hysterical. They tried to give him laughing gas but he was so worked up he refused to breathe through his nose so it was not effective. They intended to take care of three things and were only able to do one. So, after 45 minutes they called me into a room where I met a tear-stained Quinn. The dentist told me it would be impossible for them to do all they needed to do and they were going to book me an operating room at Children's Hospital. So in May we will go for oral surgery.

Sweet boy. Dental problems will plague him for a lifetime, I fear. For someone born with a cleft lip, braces are a guarantee. For someone who spent nearly two years in an orphanage, cavities are no surprise. (The other two have no cavities. Same care, different start/different genes.) In the scheme of things, he got off lucky. But it looks like his career as a vampire may be in jeopardy!

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victoria said...

It just means he may get his wish and need dental implants therefore he can get the fang kind....