Wednesday, March 14, 2012

a mixed bag

I'm sitting in my living room on March 14th with the windows wide open. It has been down right balmy and I'm not complaining. What a great surprise this week, weather that is fabulous. Steve and I have enjoyed having his mom here this week. Life is good when Grandma is here! I am so blessed to have a mother in law that I love and enjoy. Her trip came at such a great time too. We have a crazy week of meetings for work, so Grandma has been filling in. Steve has taken on a new role at work. He is now the National Campus Director for Athletes in Action. It's a great honor and a huge responsibility. He's going to do a great job. I'm super proud of him. Because of this new role, these meetings this week are pretty important. It's really great timing, too, that gas is $17 a gallon. We've driven back and forth to the office, home and school pick up a *few* more times than usual. It would have been even more if Grandma wasn't here.

But OF COURSE in the midst of all the running and important meetings, we have a barfer in the house. Is it a law of nature? We've had the healthiest winter on Koproski record, until last night. 2:30 I was awakened by the dreaded cry. After stumbling around and comforting and cleaning, Steve let me go back to bed and he took over. 7 am came around waaaaay too early for both of us today. Turner stayed home today and barfed until about 1. He is currently sitting here eating a few crackers while Grandma and the other two are having dinner with daddy at the office. I'm exhausted yet thankful. Thankful for the open windows. Thankful my sweet boy is keeping something in his belly. Thankful for Grandma. Maybe that little blue pill is starting to kick in!


The Halters said...

you are so right about the mixed bag of a day! glad steve, grandma and 'little blue' are such helpers :) several days in the past couple weeks i've had to tell myself that 'we do what we can do and that's all we can do.' so i'm 'with you' and trusting your mixed bag of today is filled more and more with blessings.

victoria said...

Pukers here too...including the night that Andrew puked every 15 minutes from 10 pm to 2 am! Only one child has not...yet! Glad you have your MIL tight now! My parents are on vacation and boy do I miss them. My In Laws are less available.