Thursday, March 22, 2012

Leap month

We are on our fourth day of 80 degree weather. And since mother nature decided to fore go winter, so did I here on my blog.
Although I was in a deep freeze emotionally in February, I did manage to capture my blur of a life in a few photos. So, here, on this weird 80 degree March day, I thought I'd make it even weirder by posting winter pics. Why not? It's all a meteorological mess around here anyhow.
Steve and O went to the Father/Daughter dance a million years ago and these are the highlights. Note, Steve is nowhere to be seen. It was more of a daughter/daughter dance. She did indulge him once or twice though. I volunteered. (Which was the only way I could get my butt in the door to spy.)
Is this not the cutest thing ever?
Some other time in February we loaded up the fam and headed to the Great Wolf Lodge. Oh my, what a good time!
We got there after school on a Thursday and were one of three families in the pool that night. It was like we had rented the whole thing out or something. We had a ball.
We stayed up super late ('til 10 or something) and slept in ('til 7:30 or something.) What can I say? We like to live on the edge.
Obviously, this was the point in the winter in which mama had NOT yet gotten the kids haircuts. What a bunch of shaggy ragamuffins. Wowzersz.
Also omitted in the month of February (or is it that I omitted the actual month?) was Olivia's sixth birthday. She had her birthday party at her gym. Several of her best little friends came and they had a special gymnastics class. She loved every second of it. As did I.
Perhaps the best birthday moment was when O opened her brand new American Girl Doll, Addy. She and I had a very special few weeks reading the book at the beginning of February in honor of black history month. We both fell in love with Addy. So much so, I broke down and decided to surprise her for her birthday. She had NO CLUE. The look on her six year old face when she opened the gift was worth every expensive penny. She expressed so much gratitude, it brought me to tears.
Who knew February added an extra 22 days this year? It's the month that keeps on giving, isn't it? Happy Leap year everyone!


Lauren K said...

Beautiful post! Love seeing the latest happenings!

Jeni said...

Love this :) It is so fun when they love their gifts.