Tuesday, January 24, 2012

You don't say?

I got back from Arizona a week ago today. It was a fabulous trip. Nearly perfect.

It was filled with lots of memories. New memories. Sight seeing. Laughs. Tears. Odd moments. And...


Yep! I've been told for years how Arizona is the perfect place to visit in the winter. Blue skies. Warm weather. Mountains. Perfection.

So, "Look out for that puddle!" was not something I was planning on hearing during my stay.

Nor was, "Hey, Bill, throw another log on that fire, will 'ya?" as we toured a famous/historic hotel one afternoon.

It rained every day I was there, with a high of 55 each day. Don't get me wrong, it still beat the high of 12 we were having back in Ohio, but the day I left to return home, temps got back up to 74. Naturally.
Another thing you don't think you'll over here while in the desert is, "Oh, yeah. I think it's a squirrel." Um no, ma'am. I'm from Ohio... we know squirrels. This is a bit more of a prairie dog type thing.
My one instruction from my daughter while I was gone was to get a picture with a cactus. Mission accomplished. (Side note, I was a bit freezing in this shot, but insisted on leaving my jacket in the car. I WAS on vacation in Arizona after all. )
What is it about those kind of cactus that make you stick your arms up in the air like an idiot?
And why is it growing out of my head?
We did a lot of seeing the sights. This was very cool. An old Mission. It was also proof that I did see a bit of blue sky while I was there.

I also had to laugh because I realized at some point on this trip that I really love doors. I must have taken about 15 pictures of different kind of doors.
My aunt and I had so much fun. We laughed until we cried many times. I can't tell you how amazing it was to be with her. To feel taken care of. To not be needed by little hands for five whole days. I felt so rested and relaxed when I left. I felt full. And why she has a cow skull gowing out of her head, I'm not sure. It must run in the family.
While I was there I also got to sneak away and grab coffee with my good friend, Katie. Katie used to live in Ohio and work with me at UD. She moved to Tucson years ago and life being what it's been, we have not been able to talk nearly as much as I'd like.
It was great fun to catch up with her and have her show me around the University of Arizona campus. I love being able to see some one's life in my mind's eye.
My trip was 100% perfect, rain and all. It was exactly what I needed and perfectly timed.
In fact, when I rolled in around dinner time last Tuesday night, I was ready to take on life and family. I was greeted at baggage claim by these three sweeties and my amazing husband who did a fabulous job holding down the fort for four nights. Time away was so good, but nothing feels as good as being greeted by people who love and missed you (on both sides of the trip.)
Thank you to all my family who made this trip happen.


The Halters said...

so glad you had a refreshing trip and warm homecoming. blessings....

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

So I promise I am still here and reading your blog. Sorry I haven't had time to comment much. I am so glad you had time to get away and be refreshed. Such a great gift.