Monday, October 3, 2011

I have a new motto

I've been reading a new book lately. Today, while I was at chemo, I came across a quote that I really, really liked. I'm not a huge quoter, but this one I may adapt as my new life motto. Are you ready for it?

"Life is not an emergency."

For some reason, that really resonates with me. My life seems to have been one crisis after another during this past year. But life itself is not an emergency.

My crazy short hair? NOT an emergency! In fact, over the weekend, four different people asked me where I get my hair cut. You better believe they are not exactly lining up outside the Kettering Women's Cancer Center to get theirs done too.

Getting dinner on the table? NOT an emergency! Especially since I've found Pinterest. If you have not gone to Pinterest, do so. Right now. You, and your family can thank me later.

This weekend was super fun. I took the kids to do lots of fun stuff, including a fall festival at our Y on Friday night and a kid thing at the Mall on Saturday. Olivia got called up on stage by the magician.

Needing to vacate the house while Steve did home projects? NOT an emergency! Although my attitude by Sunday was nearing emergency lows. Too much activity with not enough downtime for a grieving mommy may not have been the smartest choice for me, but life is life and it's not an emergency.

Life lately
has tested me, that's for sure. I wish I was a bit more like Quinn, because sometimes you just need to lay down and take a little nap. Emergencies can wait. Life just isn't one of them!


jenny said...

I love this quote....I've read Ann Voskamp quoting it....not sure if that's where you read it or not, but it is definitely a good one! Great insights, friend! Let's get that coffee date scheduled soon! Praying for you as you work through all that this year has brought your way. love u!

vwiller said...

I think I may just have to have that tattooed on the back of my hand!! ANd I have no tattoos, so may be just rewrite in Sharpie every few days!

betseykerr said...

Great Quote and you look beautiful! Love it!

jenny from mommin' it up said...

I love that pic of Quinn! I want to have his napping prowess!