Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You light up my life

It might be the perfect day outside. The sky is mostly sunny. The breeze is blowing. The temp *might* reach 80. The a/c is off and the windows are open. And I'm sitting here on my couch on the computer and my dang kids are plopped in front of PBS. SHAME ON US!!!

If it counts, we did spend the better part of the day out side. The kids in the blow up pool, me doing this and that. So there, my guilt is relieved. A touch. I mean, school IS breathing down my neck... O goes back on the 22nd and the brothers start the day after Labor Day.

We started our back to school shopping over the weekend. It seemed crazy to be shopping for school stuff when it was 92 degrees and 112% humidity. But the sales were out there and so were we!

This is the year I finally caved. If your kids ever watch Saturday morning cartoons, you probably know my plight.


Kill me with the Sketchers!!!

Every other commercial on Saturday mornings is for boy Sketchers. And then for girl Sketchers. *Bad Sketchers*, *Twinkle Toe Sketchers*, *Ballerina Sketchers* blah blah blah. All I hear week after week is "MOM, Can we get Sketchers?" My brilliant come back for a few years has been, "Yes! When you all go to school." Ha! Brill.i.ant!

Until this year, when my brilliance bit me in the butt. As of September 6th, THEY ARE ALL IN SCHOOL. Crap. As of Sunday, August 7th they are all wearing Sketchers. Olivia's twirl (somebody shoot me!), Turner's are *skater shoes* that light up green (Steve died a thousand deaths) and Quinn's have fire all over them and light up red (perhaps the chemo got to my brain? or at least to my better sense.)

My kids now run (because apparently running causes them to light up better?!?) and twirl (there is a ball at the bottom of the very pink very annoying shoe, in case you are wondering)every where. I know this is just the start of it. My friends with teenagers assure me this is just the beginning. And tame. Buying things for your kids that you wouldn't be caught dead in. Par for the course. In the early '80's I *might* have had a "neon" phase that my mother whole heartedly supported, I'm sure.

But for this afternoon... I'm sticking to PBS... they don't do commercials; godbless'em.


Cindy Q said...

We need a pic of these sketchers!

Stacie@HobbitDoor said...

You need Netflix streaming on your TV! We have no commercials at our house ever. I'm not sure how long that will help us but I'm hoping for a few years. :)

Colleen said...

I love that pic of Quinn in the goggles! Makes me smile every time I see it. Gah, the commercial influence. I hate it. Mostly the girls watch DVDs or videos, so we avoid the ads a lot. Unfortunately there's the friend factor too, when it comes to that. Last year we just happened to get some tennis shoes for Lauren that looked like the Skechers twinkle toes shoes. I had no idea about them, they just happened to be the millionth pair that she tried on and they fit AND she liked them. Lauren thought she was so cool with her twinkle toes and she was none the wiser.

P.S. Could you do me a favor? Go into your blog settings and enable a mobile format. Helps people like me who read blogs on our phones!

The Wellmans said...

Just get them some shape up sketchers and they will be a little sore after running a few laps (so I hear), and then they won't want Sketchers anymore :). Your story cracked me up. I had MANY stages of things like these Sketchers or your neon clothes. Just have faith that they will look back on these days and tell their kids about these shoes, remembering how cool of a mom you were to buy them.

Rose said...

Love the sketchers! I want a pair that light up too! My 13 won't let me:(