Monday, August 22, 2011

Here we go

So many people say, don't blink and you'll miss it. I have to admit, while in some ways it seems like just yesterday my girl was a peanut and I was sending her off for her first day of pre-school, so much life has happened around here that it doesn't exactly feel like *yesterday.*

But I have to laugh when I see that tiny little thing with that big 'ole pack pack.
Last year she seemed to fit into the back pack a little better.

Last year's school year was rocky to say the least. And in most ways, we are not exactly sad to turn the page.

So, that is what we did this morning!

My little peanut of a girl, put that Tinkerbell back pack on, one more time and is starting ALL DAY Kindergarten.

And doesn't she look the part?!

She was so excited.

She will be one of three returning kids to her class room (the Montessori school puts 3 4 and 5 year olds in the same classroom.)

She is excited to be a *helper* this year. We had a nice long talk about looking for kids who may be nervous and helping them out. I'm sure she'll do a great job.

She's so big this year, she is able to ride the bus. Which is another *I'll never do* as a parent to cross off the list.

Well, almost.

We waited for the bus to come for over 10 minutes this morning but it never came. So, I drove her to school. Just like the good old days. *Hopefully* she is taking it home this afternoon. If it doesn't go well (or if she comes home with words we don't approve of) I'll be driving her home too!

Here are the infamous Skeetchers. These are not NEARLY as aweful as the brothers'. But you'll have to wait for their first day of school to see those beauties. If you can hang in there for two more weeks, you're in for a real treat.

Their school has moved to a brand new building this year. We are super excited.

If you want to hear JUST HOW EXCITED we are, you can click here and see the little news clip that made it on our nightly news. I'm practically famous!

And just think, you knew me when!!!


vwiller said...

I have no words for how fabulous you look with her!!! I know she is amazing....I would expect no less, now if I can just make it through my own issues of sending my baby boy off to kindergarten on Thursday.

KTC said...

looking good friend!! especially in that cool NYC sweater!! Love you!:) (and on TV too! wow!)

Colleen said...

I love seeing the progression from preschool to kindergarten. They grow right before our eyes don't they? Is she sportin a ponytail in her latest pic? So cute! Having read about the bus situation on Facebook, I'm wondering if Olivia's bus days are over? That was terrible! You must have been beside yourself with worry!