Monday, August 29, 2011

Hair we are.

I didn't know that having two boys would require so many trips to the hair cutter. If I was a bit more confident (or talented), I would do it myself. But I'm not on either front. So, we go to an over priced but well worth it kiddie salon where my kids can watch a movie (their cut is done before the beginning credits are even over) and walk out with a balloon and a sucker. That's worth twelve bucks to me any day.

With Turner's new haircut, his baseball bat injury is EVEN MORE noticeable. Great!

And I didn't know Quinn could look *more Chinese* but he does in this pic. I'll tell you one thing, the kid can grow some mean side burns. They were ridiculous before the haircut. But he's looking good once again.

The boys start school next Tuesday. I'm not exactly all, "Get these kids outta here so I can have the morning to myself." Although it will be nice to run some errands alone, clean my house with out little hands undoing all my efforts with in seconds, and go to all my doctor appointments with out trying to arrange child care. See? I DO have glamorous plans for my free mornings. Jealous, aren't you?

But I am a touch sad to see them go. In the last month or so Quinn and Turner have been enjoying each other SO MUCH. They do role playing and pretend play with their light sabers and their Kung Fu Panda moves all day. And they are getting along great. Except, of course, when they are not.
And without further adieu, here is the latest with my hair. This is a picture of me and my friend, Sarah, at a wedding we were at this weekend. I wish you could see my hair better. Oh, right, that would require MORE HAIR. But I couldn't be more thrilled to have what I have. In about two or three more weeks it should look like just a really short haircut.

I'm still not sure what color it is. One thing seems for sure, it is definitely not curly. People like to tell me it's going to come back curly. But sorry folks, I'm pretty sure it's not. I'm liking to call it *blond* right now. Olivia likes to call it gray. (She's five, what does she know?) Steve thinks it's going to be brown like it was before chemo. Feel free to place your bet.

But in other good hair news, my eyelashes and my eyebrows are back too. Shoot. I'm practically normal once again.


betseykerr said...

You look fabulous! (and so do the boys!) Enjoy some quite time after quite a busy year. Have fun with some ME time...

Colleen said...

Praise God for eyelashes. I vote for blond... we do have more fun you know!

vwiller said...

I love the pictures!!! Now you get to buy yourself new mascara!! Hope you enjoy the days with just the boys, Andrew and I (with Gretchen) had 2 days of that between when my twins started and when he did. Now its just girl time during the day!

Tracy said...

Hi Elizabeth! Remember meeting at Kettering Rec and I mentioned a Christian author/speaker/blogger who is a former UD cheerleader? Here is the link to her blog. Looks like she has a new book out, too:

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, God brought you to mind today as I sat on the porch waiting for my little kiddos to come home from school on the bus. I've been out of touch since late June (before that I was keeping up with you and praying via your blog updates) when we made the suitcase-laden move back to Ohio for a year...I was so happy to see these photos and your smiling face. Maybe I'll even have the privilege of meeting you in person this year? That would be awesome.

I am praying for you now, as I wait. Praying for your health, your continuing growth (of hair, too!) in the richness of the love of Christ for you and your family.

Lots of love
Holly from Berlin

jenny from mommin' it up said...

you look AWESOME! And since Soph started school and it's just been me & Jonah I've been glamourously cleaning my mornings away! It's been kinda nice!