Thursday, August 27, 2015

Home is where the sofa sits

It was 4 weeks ago tomorrow that we got the keys and stepped inside our new house.  It was the first time entering in without someone else's stuff, 2 dogs and 4 cats in the way.  (Yep! 2 dogs and 4 cats!)  Let's just say they left behind a few *mementos* in the form of enormous fur balls.  Side note: cat lovers, try as best you can from turning into the crazy cat lover.  Those felines really mess up those of us buying your home in a huge way!  I've been shop vac-ing cat hair out of crevices, electrical sockets, base boards, window sills, door jams, key holes, appliances etc.  The cat hair is gonna end up sending me to the funny farm.

Anyhow, we took 2 solid weeks of back-breaking labor to get the place into some sort of livable shape.  Things are beginning to take hold.  While I still feel like I'm playing house in someone else's digs, it is starting to feel like mine.

I am one who loves to window shop.  I enjoy thumbing through catalogues and looking through magazines.  But when my back is to the wall and I have to make real life decorating decisions and spend real cash money, I become paralyzed.  Seriously, Home Goods, Pier 1 and Ikea have become my nemesis.

Slowly but surely pictures are being hung and sofas are finding just the right spot.  (I'm sure Steve dreads coming home from work because there have been a string of days in which we are moving chairs and sofas because *it just doesn't feel right* over there.)  Lucky for him, we are running out of walls to try things on.

Over the next few days, I'm going to try and take some pictures and give a little tour.  I'm mostly afraid that pictures won't do my amazing new house justice.  Seriously, Ive sat in my new place and looked around and thought, "How do I get to live here?"  I think that is a good thing.  I've also driven myself crazy with the need to *get it right*.  The decorating that is.  I feel like I've got this one shot and I gotta get it right.  I know that isn't true and that paint can be re-painted.  I've already discovered that large and expensive area rugs can be sent back to where they came from.  (PS- CB2 is an amazing company with an incredibly helpful and generous return policy!)  *Or so I've heard.*

I hope someday soon, the tv will be mounted on the wall.  The *just right* area rug will be found.  The finishing touches to each room will be made.  And I need to be fine with posting the *in process.*  That's real life anyway.  Right.  In process!

So, with that... here is a picture of part of our living room.  This is what you see when you first enter our house.  Already, however,  even this photo is dated.  We now have an adorable rug in front of the fire place.  I'll post that picture when I can.

This is my new pride and joy.  Our kitchen is an eat-in-kitchen.  I finally got my very own dining room table.  When we first got married, Steve's parents generously gave us their old dining room set (that was theirs when they first got married in the late 60's.)  While it did the trick and graciously carried us through our little kid years, I have been hoping to express my own style.  I'm so glad we waited until now.  This table and chairs from Crate & Barrel is so perfect in our new house.  I love it.

What the photos don't show you is the huge exposed beams and high vaulted ceilings.  The whole kitchen is full of windows and is light and airy.  I finally love being in my kitchen and cooking (well, not the actual cooking part) and visiting with people who are eating while doing so.  It is one of my favorite spaces.  The brick walls and built in shelves are cool.  I'm still trying to figure out what exactly to put on the shelves.  Any cool ideas are welcomed.

When I lived in NYC, I lived just a few blocks from the Flat Iron building.  It has always been my favorite structure in Manhattan.  In fact, while I lived there, I collected black and white framed photos of it and they have hung on our bedroom wall at the old house since we were married.  Recently, this enormous canvas popped up at Ikea and I knew I HAD to have it in my new house.  It hangs in our living room.  I love it.  I have also been able to hang the other photos near there.  So, basically my new house is a shrine to the greatest City on the planet.

So that is the tour for now.  Like I said, I haven't even taken many good photos because I keep waiting for the house to *be done.*  But that may never actually happen.  So, instead, I'll do it little by little.  It may be fun to see how it all changes and evolves over the next few months.  In the meantime, a new house means a new door to take the first day of school photos in front of. These knuckleheads are slowly adjusting to the new house as well.  Perhaps my next stop on the house tour will be their rooms.  Theirs are really the only *finished* spots in the house.  I wanted to make their rooms and spaces the priority.  I'd say they are three happy and blessed kids!  

So check back for more of the tour.  Thanks for indulging me over here!  I really am having fun.

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Julia Stewart said...

I love your style! There's some great design going on in that house. Steve is lucky to have such a good problem to be frustrated about. Someone who takes too much care with the decor is way better than a slob like my ex! So jealous that you lived in the Flatiron district, BTW! I was stuck out in Brooklyn.