Sunday, August 16, 2015

Gone but not forgotten

Wow.  Here I am, over here!  Do you see me waving my arms and jumping up and down to get your attention.  I have to do that because I'm pretty sure you have given up on me and I'm hoping to get your attention.

There have been a few obstacles in my way of getting over here to the blog.  No small obstacle was my broken down mess of a computer.  I finally scrapped my Dell and have crossed over to the Macbook Air world.  I am happy to say that I can now type and access the Internet flawlessly... until I realized it has been so long that I've been here that I no longer to could remember my passwords to get to the blog.  After some fancy footwork, I got that worked out.

On top of all of the technical difficulties, we up and moved houses.  Late May we packed our old house, went to Puerto Rico, came home, moved to a rental for about 6 weeks, went to Colorado for two weeks, came back and moved.  We have been living in the new house (8 houses down on the same street as before) for three weeks.

Boxes have been unpacked, rooms have been painted, doors have been fixed, Ikea furniture is being put together, sofas are en-route to be delivered, electricians are being called for lights that don't work and kids are now back to school so mama can get some actual work done without helpers.

All of that to say, life here has been full.  Part of me is sad to not have some of the funny moments recorded and pictures posted of things like before/after.  But so it goes.  Now that my password has been reset and there are spaces in the day to sit without interruption, I hope to fill you in on some of the goings ons of the past three months.  So much crazy.  Our summer adventure now turns into fall adventures soon.  However, I'm not completely ready to say goodbye to days at the pool and grill outs in the back yard.

Stay tuned for pictures of our new home.  I think you're gonna love it as much as we do.

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