Friday, August 28, 2015

C'mon in... I've been waiting for you

Hello friends!  Welcome to my new house.  I gave you a sneak peek yesterday and hinted that there may be more to come.  I took a few shots around the house yesterday and have felt motivated by some of you kind friends and family who have commented on the digs.  Thanks for the encouragement.  Like I said yesterday, I LOVE it around here.  With yet ANOTHER trip to Home Goods today, there are additional pictures to add.  This weekend will be a big push toward getting the tv mounted on the living room wall and other odds and ends that seem to nag but not be on the top of the list for necessary living.  

So come on in and have a look around.  

As you enter the living room/ entry way (that was pictured yesterday with the marble fireplace and two chairs on either side of it) you look to the left and notice an amazing wood spiral staircase.  This is most definitely the focal point of the downstairs.  It is lovely.  It also makes the space a touch *confusing*. For me anyhow.  The downstairs doesn't flow like a normal living space.  Normal is over-rated though, right?!

I have tried to give you an idea of what the staircase does.  What I can't seem to capture is the openness of the space.  Directly above the staircase is a sky light.  So from the roof to the living room is a ton of natural light.  My own personal Happy Lamp, if you will.  And yes I will, come January, thank you very much!

(Ironically, I just mentioned all of the natural light and then I have included the darkest photo I could get of the entire house.  Honestly, I'm just too lazy to re-take a better picture. Nice.)

As you stand at the front door and hang your coat and look past the staircase, you will notice our actual living space.  To the left of the staircase is the wall in which our aforementioned tv will hang.  Next to that wall (which you can't see here) is a door.  That is the door to our bedroom.  It had once upon a time (as in 4 weeks ago) been an additional living room.  It is now my beautiful bedroom.  Mostly because this is actually only a 2 bedroom house and mama had to live here, so mama had to be creative and *sell* daddy on a creative solution.  I see it as a win-win. (See final picture in this post for visual.)
Here is the finished product of the entry way/living room.  You will notice two  matching chairs and an added rug.  I have to say, I love this space.  It is cozy, formal(ish) yet unique.  I envision reading many a book here.  And then I snap back to reality and realize that might happen when the kids are away at college and I actually read a book.

I don't know if you can spot at the very bottom right corner of the above photo, a colorful bench.  The jury is still out on this bench.  It is cool.  But I have the tags on it still and go back and forth.  Above it is a humongous picture of the Flat Iron building (as seen in yesterday's post.)

Here is a shot of part of the living space where the tv will be.  There is now a rug where the wood floor is.  Again, the tag is on it and I'm going to take the weekend to live with it and see how it feels.  It seems a touch big for the space but Steve really likes to "put his feet on the rug."  (You gotta throw a bone every once in a while.)

Here is a glimpse into my bedroom.  This room is the biggest work in progress.  To me, all of the other rooms are top priority.  In some ways, our room has become the *dumping ground* for all of the furniture that isn't making the cut for the rest of the house.  Currently, there is an enormous brown couch living in our room.  But that is okay, since it used to be a living room, there is plenty of room.  You will notice an open door in this photo.  It is a screen door that opens to our beautiful wrap around front porch.  I love love love this feature.

Sadly, that gorgeous chandelier is not currently working.  The previous owners said that it never worked for them in 8 years.  One of the second tier priorities is to get an electrician out here to fix it.  It's just too pretty to have it in non-working condition.  I am looking forward to some day getting things on the walls, a rug, the tv off of the beautiful marble fireplace etc.  It is a beautiful bedroom and I feel like a queen laying my head down each night.

So, that is the *work in progress* tour of our down stairs.  It is a start.  I feel insecure about my decorating abilities.  (Dang you, HGTV/TLC).  But it is fun to put my own personality into this house.  It really is a dream come true.

Later this weekend, I look forward to taking you upstairs.  I hope you will come back!

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