Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fast Forward through October. Oops.

Rats.  I let an entire month go by without blogging.  Which isn't a shame for you, the reader, but is a shame for me because my whole goal for this blog is to keep a journal of life.  First grade and Third grade are so magical and I've been busy.  I've made choices other than recording pictures and stories and that makes me sad.

To sum up October, the boys finished soccer, Olivia began a competitive season of gymnastics, we all trick or treated and Olivia advanced to the District Speech contest.  It's been busy, along with a trip for just Steve and I to South Carolina.  Gramma came to visit and then there is the usual stuff like volunteering 8 hours a week at the kids' school.  But here are some pictures: enjoy.

a keeper

candy angel

A woodsman

 My gymnast 
silly memories



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