Friday, September 26, 2014

What do kids, Cat scans and toilet bowls have in common?

It's been a busy week.  Who am I kidding?  They are all busy weeks.  During the school year I think the summer is going to be full of lounging around, lazy days.  Instead, I find us with full and busy summer days (when we are not on the road traveling.)  During the school year, I figure once I *settle into a routine* life will fall into a rhythm.  And it does.  A crazy double time kind of rhythm.  To be honest, I like it that way.  I kind of love frantically running from one thing to another.  If I'm home for more than an hour, I feel like I have to clean something, so I try to not be home as much as I can.  (Except I like to clean toilets.  That's weird, right?  I find delight in squirting that think blue liquid in the bowl and imagine the germs losing as I scrub with that brush.  It's my favorite!)

I spent time in each of my kids' classrooms this week.  Next to cleaning toilets (ha!) this is my favorite.  Actually, classroom time nudges out the toilet cleaning.  I don't actually contribute that much to the betterment of the kids' education, but I get to be around the kids and experience and smile and encourage and hug.  I get the blessing.  My kids light up when they hear it is "their day "for me to be in their classroom.  I know it won't always be that way, so I soak it up for now.

This week I had extra on my plate.  It was my bi-annual CT scan/blood test on Monday and the follow up appointment with my oncologist's PA.  I will assure you, cleaning toilets beats Cat scans and *internal* exams any day!

I arrived at the hospital Monday afternoon ready to spend a chunk of time waiting, drinking dye and getting poked with needles.  I am familiar with the routine.  No surprises.  Except the small panic attack I  had as I parked the van.  A few deep breaths and I pressed on.  When am I going to get over that one?  In my mind I knew all was well.  I feel great.  I hadn't even been nervous.  But as I pulled the van into the garage, just like that, my chest tightened up and my breathing was strained.  My head and my heart know one thing but my body won't always cooperate. 

As I laid down on the metal table, snuggled in with a warm blanket and a pillow under my knees- the nurse shot the contrast into my IV.  The weird taste hit soon and then the warmth of the contrast rushed through my veins.  It is weird but definitely not painful.  The panic was gone and was replaced with an  feeling of thankfulness.

I live in a country with top notch medical care.  Machines that can take pictures of my insides to make sure there is nothing growing.  A God who is Great and Good and Gracious.  Medicine that has killed the cancer.  Insurance to pay for all of it.  A healthy body to clean toilets, love kids and rush from one thing to another.  I received the all clear for another 6 months . There is so much to be thankful for.

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