Saturday, August 16, 2014

No tears here

My kids start school on Monday.  After days and days living in a dorm room in Boston, hours and hours (and hours) in a mini-van with these people, I have to say, I might not shed a tear as they hop out of the car that morning.  I love my kids.  I have had a magical summer of adventure and memory building with these people I live with.

 Seriously, I have. 


This past week, the magic ran out.  There was yelling.  Fighting.  Boredom (oh the boredom.)  Flopping around on couches whining, "I'm soooooo bored.   I have nothing to doooooo."  I turned into every other brain dead, summer drained, road weary mama.  "Bored?  I can list five things right now that you could do.  I carted your buns half way across this country - TWICE - this summer.  You've had adventures people will only dream of having.  You're home for six days and you're bored?  I have not talked to another adult (other than your father, and he doesn't count) in 10 days because I'm so busy entertaining you guys.  Don't tell me you're bored.  Go find something to DO." *end rant with big self indulgent sigh and a double eye roll.*  Post rant, lock self in bedroom for 5 minutes not knowing if I should laugh or cry at the lecture I had just given.  Must come out of bedroom at minute 6 because of the yelling, fighting and blood curdling screams.  Don't want neighbors to call Children Services during the last week of summer vacation so I haul their buns to the park.  Thereby feeding the monster.  I am my own worst enemy!

All of that to say, in light of all of the torturous boredom I am subjecting my children to (obviously), I wanted to share a few pictures of our vacation in Maine... where the kids were most definitely NOT bored.  Perhaps these children have become spoiled rotten to the core.  I'm willing to entertain that possibility.  Which is another reason I won't roll a tear Monday morning.  The gig is up, little people.  The day of reckoning is here (well, it will be on Monday.) 

But I digress...

The whole reason we went to Maine was for Steve's sister's wedding.  Kerry and Todd have been planning a destination wedding for the past year.  It is a lovely place to get married, that is for sure.

On the drive to Maine, Olivia declared, "It's finally here.  The wedding we've been planning for the past year is FINALLY here."  Olivia and her cousin, Natalie, were Kerry's bridesmaids.  They took their responsibility very seriously and as I told Kerry several weeks ago, "You do realized this wedding is NOT about you.  It is all about Olivia and Natalie!"  The three boy cousins were the groomsmen (bold move on Todd's part.)  In my humble opinion, it was the cutest wedding party I've ever seen.

The morning of the wedding, Aunt Kerry took the girls to get their hair done with her.  They all three looked stunning.  Seriously, my daughter took my breath away with her beauty!

But the week wasn't all fancy dresses and lobster dinners.  Okay, almost, but not totally.
 When we were not enjoying wedding related festivities, our family (the Dayton K's) and the cousins (the Alpena K's) made lots of memories.

There was lots of digging for things under rocks.  I have to admit, I'm a bit more of a sandy beach girl. I may have ducked out early from this smelly adventure and ran into town to do a bit of shopping.
Perhaps this explains why.  The sleepy little harbor town of Camden was super cute and quaint.  And for this city girl, I'll leave the rocks for the kids and guys.
Here are two of the groomsmen (minus one.)  These two look grumpy as all get out.  See beginning of post.  They must have been feeling bored at the welcome dinner.  Rough life.

I guess it's because they would have rather been back at the hotel doing this.  They logged in a ton of hours at the pool, in spite of the cooler Maine temps.

It was a busy week full of family and fun.  I guess this is why coming home to a house full of toys, friends, books, bikes and parks is sooooo boring.    

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