Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Counting My Blessings

My kids are back at school.  I am sitting in an empty (tidy) house.  I drove in a van with no fighting in the back seat to and from Pilates.  I ran into Michael's ALONE.  I didn't have to ask Steve to "watch the kids."  Glorious!

I sat down to read a few blogs.  And then I got to thinking... wasn't it about August when I wrote my first ever blog post?  So I went back and did a little checking.  July 31, 2008 was my first entry.  I just  missed my blogiversary.  6 years.  Wow.  A lot has happened in six years.  I found this entry from just about six years ago.  It got me a bit sad.  To see baby Turner and little O sitting on my mom's lap.  To realize Quinn was still living in an orphanage in China at that very moment.  It's actually a bit overwhelming.  Six years doesn't seem like such a long time.  Quite frankly, people say time flies.  Some days (or years) it does not feel like that is the case.  There were three very dark years in there.  What's crazy is, I was keeping this blog.  A better diary or journal than any I could  have kept on paper.

I am so thankful that for whatever crazy reason, six years ago I decided to hop on the blog bandwagon.  And because of that decision, I have pictures, stories and memories to hold and share.  I might spend a few hours this week strolling through some old posts.  My heart could use a stroll down memory lane.  I have so much to be thankful for.  So much blessing.  So much growth and love.  I have been seriously spoiled by those who love me.  I don't want to forget God's faithfulness and the grace and mercy He has shown me. 



Blessed beyond measure!

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