Monday, June 16, 2014

On to something

 My kids are miraculously outside playing in the wading pool.  Together.  Without fighting.  I'm inside.  Doing my own thing.  It's glorious.

This is the way summer is suppose to be.  (Did I totally just jinx myself, or what?)  We might just be on to something.

Steve and I have decided to keep our school year tv/electronic game schedule for the summer.  During the school year, the kids are not allowed to watch tv or play games on the I Pad during the week.  I know, I'm the meanest mom ever.  It's just that by the time they get home from school, do their homework and go to gymnastics/martial arts, there simply isn't time.  And if I let them for a little bit the fight to turn stuff off is off the charts.  So, at 4pm on Fridays and in the mornings Saturday and Sunday they can watch cartoons.  Two hours of games each weekend day and the rest, figure it out for themselves.

I'm sure this is more than some parents allow but this is the plan that seems to work around here.  I've decided to keep the same routine.  It's been great.  No fights during the week of who is going to watch/play what and when.  I HATE that fight.  That fight drives me bananas.  Instead, they fight about other stuff.  But at least it's not THAT fight.

We are about to head to Boston for three weeks.  The drive will be long.  Lots of movie hours stored up. That will be awesome. 

Speaking of Boston, I should be cleaning, packing and generally freaking out.  But I'm not.  (I'm saving that for Thursday.)  Instead, I'm downloading music to I Tunes, blogging and enjoying the fact that my kids are outside enjoying each other. 
This is from the files of "totally random stuff"... Look at this picture that my friend texted me the other day.

"When did Turner become a child model?"  and attached was this picture.  WHAT?  It 100% looks like Turner.  It is 100% NOT Turner.  How weird is that?  In fact, I even showed him the picture and said, "Hey, who is that?"  And he says, "Me?"  Crazy!

Now, its time to go start getting my Boston freak out on!

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jenny from mommin' it up said...

Holeee crap that looks EXACTLY like Turner! Crazy!
Our school year screen time schedule is Tue/Wed/Sat/Sun but the struggle to turn it off on those days when I thought they'd had enough was rough. So for summer it's before 11 am and after 4 pm and that is working a little better. I make them take breaks during that time as I see fit. So far, so good. Also they have to do 30 minutes of reading a day which is no big deal for Sophie but like pulling teeth for Joshua. and Jonah is not allowed screen time at all except as therapy rewards, so the big kids mostly have to do their screen time in the basement playroom. Every family is so different, sounds like you have a good schedule for yours!