Monday, August 12, 2013

What a way to go out

The grand finale of our summer travels.  We went to Pure Michigan.  I have to say, Tim Allen's voice ran through my mind pretty much the whole time we were visiting. 
Steve's brother and his family live in Northern Michigan, so we thought the perfect way to end our magical summer would be with one more, really long car trip. Grandma and Papa met us up there too.  The only ones missing were Steve's sister and her finance (but don't feel too bad for her, she couldn't come because she was on a girls' getaway down in Key West.)
 I have to say, it was worth it.  We started off at their house for two nights.  The biggest blast was watching the 5 cousins play and run and laugh and fight (but just a little.) 
Friday morning, we hopped in cars and headed about an hour and a half to Mackinac City. Uncle's Scott's friend's parents have a vacation house that they graciously allowed us to stay in.  From there we had a view of the Lake and of the Mackinac Bridge (the 4th largest suspension bridge in the world, btw.)
Saturday morning we grabbed a ferry over to Mackinac Island.  We shopped, ate, had a horse and carriage tour of the island, sampled fudge and enjoyed the most gorgeous day you have ever seen.  Seriously, if the wind had been just a tad less, it would have been utter perfection.  I wanted to hit pause on the day.
Yesterday morning we packed up our van (hopefully for the last time for a while) and headed home.  What should have taken about 7 hours took 11.  The traffic was bad, but we also decided "what difference does it make?" to get home at 7:30 or 10:30.  That is not how we normally operate.  So, we stopped and saw some dear friends in Ann Arbor, stopped for a more leisurely dinner and just didn't get all crazy about getting home.  It was nice. 
Now it is Monday  morning.  It is nearly 10, my kids are still in jammies.  We have stuff to do.  And we will get it done.  But the writing is on the wall.  Thursday it's back to business.  (I keep calling it the day of reckoning.)  I'm not ready for summer's freedom to end.  I do invite the structure of school and the other opportunities that the school year brings.  So my emotions are mixed as we begin our week. 
But first, laundry.  Mountains and mountains of laundry.  Vacation over!

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