Sunday, August 18, 2013

Unusual co-operation

We had our first day back to school last Thursday. 

It was a good day.  Although it was August 15th (which in the *olden days* was still summer vacation) my internal body clock said it was time to go back.  And so did the weather.  The dog days forgot to come this year.  And I'm sad about that.  I really love those dogs.  I know, I'm weird.

It was so chilly, my kids wore jackets.  Which was probably good, since I wasn't ready to wage the war of, "But you HAVE to wear this on your first day of Kindergarten, boys."  So I didn't.  And they went off to their first full day of school looking like ragamuffins.

But they did agree to hold a sign. 

And in the age of blogs and Pinterest, I'm pretty sure holding a sign declaring it is your first/last day of any significant milestone in life is a requirement.  Check.

She agreed to hold the sign too.

Which is a good thing, because uh, oh!  Look what I'm in for:

I'm having a flash to a bit of teenage sas!  Are these shots the cutest?!  I love the beautiful, confident smile of my second grader.  I want to hold tight of this sweet thing as long as I can.  - As long as it's after 3:35 M-F and most hours on the weekend.

I have to say, I was able to get more accomplished Thursday and Friday while they were in school than I have since May 31.  We had a magical summer and I can't think of any way I would have rather spent our summer months.  But the magic was beginning to sour (knives, people!  They were armed and dangerous just the other day.)

You may agree, by the end of summer this is how we all feel:

And we will do it all over again tomorrow morning.

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