Monday, April 1, 2013

You are going to be SO jealous

This is the last day of spring break around here.  I love my kids, we've had some great memories the past few days, but honestly, this has been the spring break that would not die!  It started with an early dismissal on some Friday that seems like a million years ago.
I know it is hard to drum up a lot of sympathy from people since we were living it up in 80 degree Orlando back in February on our trip to Disney, but not going anywhere for spring break has been a bummer.  Especially when on our first Monday we would have had a snow day IF it had not been spring break.  Seriously, winter, I'm so over you.

We did head south for the first night of break.  We made it to Cincinnati and hit Great Wolf Lodge for a night.  We brought our friend, Raine, with us since the brothers have each other and Olivia rarely gets girl time.  It ended up being one of the smartest things we've done.  There were literally several hours I didn't even know where the girls were because they were off sliding to their hearts content.  Have I mentioned how much I enjoy having big kids? 
It was a wonderful 23 hours at the water park.  Until It wasn't.
About an hour before we left I started not feeling quite right.  I figured it was all the lazy river-ing I had done earlier.  Or the greasy onion rings I had for lunch.  Who knows... and who really cares.  All I know is we made it about 20 minutes down the road on our trek home and I frantically made Steve pull the car over.  Where I managed to throw up all over Trader's World.  If you are ever going North on 75  you are familiar with Trader's World.  It was not one of my finer moments.
 Thankfully, it was a short lived 12 hour bug and I was ready to go the next day.  Good thing too, since we needed to pack the car up and head Cleveland Tuesday afternoon.  We spent Tuesday through Sunday up north with Grandma and Papa ('cuz if you can't go somewhere warm for spring break you should definitely go to grandmas!) 
Turner couldn't wait to get there and show off his lost tooth.  Did I mention how much I enjoy having big kids?  Do you notice a theme?  (And YES this picture is for real.  It didn't work.  Turner ended up losing his tooth at the water park.  During lunch.  The tooth was recovered.  The contents of my stomach were not.)
On our way to Grandma's house I started feeling my throat, and my body.  That is never a good thing.  By the time we arrived I was well aware I was coming down with something.  I tried to recover and pump myself full of Tylenol, vitamin C, Claritin.  Shoot, I even tried Benadryl.  Nothing really seemed to help.  On Thursday Steve's brother, his wife and their two kids showed up.  We got a call that night that Steve's sister got engaged and then they both arrived the next day.
Just in time for me to have pink eye. In both eyes.  I have been a picture of health and beauty for the past six days.
Seriously?  I pretty much have spent my whole spring break barfing, snowed in or oozing goop.  Lovely.  Don't you wish you could have been cooped up with me the past 10 days? I truly am sorry for all family who were, in fact, cooped up with me.  I would have TOTALLY talked about me behind my back after the trip was over.
I finally tried out the CVS minute clinic today.  The PA declared me to have *just a cold.*  I nearly punched her in the lip.  So I wait it out. 
The school bell rings tomorrow at 9:25am.  Think I'm ready?

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Lauren K said...

This post just cracks me up :) Miss you!