Thursday, March 7, 2013

Soccer star

It is 4:47pm and I'm sitting in my living room, about to take the boys to pick Olivia up from school.  She began a YMCA after school soccer program this week.  That means Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons she will stay after school for an hour and a half with other kids from her class.  They will play soccer, receive healthy snacks and (hopefully) have a lot of fun.

What is weird is that three days a week I won't see her until 5:15.  She wanted to do the program.  In fact she wanted to do it last semester but I wanted to see how the adjustment to first grade went before I shipped her off three out of five afternoons.  Since first grade has gone so well and she really wanted to try this, I figured what the heck?

It just seems so grown up to have her gone so much.  She came home delighted on Tuesday.  They didn't have school yesterday because of a freak March snow storm.  And we will see how it went today.  Her good buddy, Lila, is doing it with her.  That should be great fun. 

It's also nice that I have three afternoons a week that the brothers and I can get errands done, come home and relax or just have a bit of freedom to do whatever rather than turning around an hour and a half after I pick them up to go and pick Olivia up. 

My kids are growing up.  I like who they are becoming.  Even I am growing as a mom.  I have much to be thankful for and I feel it today!

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Lauren K said...

I love hearing how content you are, and that you are embracing and enjoying all of life's seasons. Very inspiring :) Miss you lots, wish we could still meet weekly!