Monday, April 16, 2012

What I did on spring break, by EEK

While on vacation, all I did was lay around, soak in bubble baths, lay in the sun by the pool with fruity umbrella drinks and relax!
But you KNOW that is a lie!! Actually, while on vacation, I took my family to an INSANE restaurant that is *famous* for it's 170 item buffet. Gross. Except they had all you can eat crab legs. Not gross. however, when you take your kids and all they want are plain butter noodles from the 170 item buffet, that doesn't leave you too much time to eat the crab legs. Ahh, the crabs got lucky on our visit.
Quinn wishes we would have let him relax more. The third night in town we had dragged them around so much, he actually fell asleep while chewing. Yep, we are all about relaxing on vacation. (I TOTALLY would have judged us if I saw us out... who the heck lets their kid fall asleep at dinner, mid-bite?)
We rode an enormous Ferris wheel. The kids were a bit afraid... well, maybe not Turner. Or maybe not anyone.
Except me.

The kids spent a considerable amount of time on their trip with their faces painted.
I spent a considerable amount of time on my trip waiting in line for the kids to get their faces painted.
The paint spent considerably less time actually on their faces compared to time spent in line.
I spent a wee bit of time being annoyed about that.
We took our kids on a Pirate ship ride. After Olivia got over pouting and whining about how the trip was *only for boys*, they all had a great time!
They got to hunt for sunken treasure, taste real pirate grog, hoist the sail and fight a bad guy pirate with squirt guns. For one hour, my kids really thought they were pirates on a ship.
Restful? Relaxing? Not so much.
Fun? Memories?
For Sure!
I'm ready for the next adventure.


jenny from mommin' it up said...

love all the pics. especially of you all sudsy! Sophie really enjoyed seeing the face-painted pirate kiddos!

Tess @ Tapestry of the Mundane said...

Oh my...your trip sounds a lot like the one we just got back from. :) We took the kids to Disney. I was scared of the rides; they, were not. We took them to an awesome restaurant - one took up a love for oyster shucking, one fell off the seat and knocked his head on the floor (causing the whole section we were sitting in to look and the other cried almost the whole time. One peed through her swim diaper all the way up the carpeted stairs where we were staying. We loved enjoyed every second though ~ other than the whole head hitting part. We can't wait to do it again and hopefully will forego any injuries...or peeing on carpet.

Lauren K said...

This post cracks me up, and the pictures too!