Tuesday, April 3, 2012

An ocean runs through it

Greetings from the beach. Just a quick note to say hello from South Carolina. We've been having a blast. The resort we are staying is perfect for our family. With an indoor water park, activities for the kids, an outdoor pool and a view of the ocean from our apartment, we are pretty much in heaven. The weather could be a *touch* better. I had to wear Capri's and a sweatshirt to the beach the other day (boo hoo, I know!) but somehow my kids were brave enough (dumb enough?) to play in the ocean while I sat shivering. I guess that's how you can seperate the southerners from the mid-westerners... we're the ones who let their kids play in the ocean, risking pneumonia.

The looks on my kids' faces the first time they saw the ocean was priceless. Although I have to keep telling Quinn it's called the ocean NOT the river.

The first night we were here, I was getting the kids off to bed and Olivia took one last look out off the balcony and she asked me, "Mom, does the ocean stay on all night?" Yes my dear, God doesn't turn it off while we sleep. For that I'm thankful! Only two full days left... why do I not live here???

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