Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cut me some slack, it's the middle of the night

Well, it's 2:30 in the morning and I can't sleep. Maybe its because of my least favorite treatment in the morning (4 liters of fluid pumped into my belly... even though its the last one... I still hate the thoughts of it) maybe its the steroids yesterday, maybe it's the previews shown for next week's Bachelorette (looks like it's going to be a doozie) who knows. And who cares, insomnia is insomnia. I spent the past hour praying. There is so much to pray for. And I'm not talking about myself.

A friend I've met through cancer is having surgery in the morning. She has lung cancer and has had a weird node in her abdomen. They are going in in the morning to remove it. Pray that Sara Jane has a successful surgery, please.

My sweet friend, Aimee, lost her baby at 22 weeks in January. They have had trouble getting pregnant again. She is still reeling from her loss. Please pray for her.

My dad's health has not been good. Please pray for him.

My doctor's wife's mom just had her aortic valve replaced, please pray for Julie's mom.

Seriously, I could go on and on. (And I did for an hour in bed.) Sometimes I think Jesus lets us stay awake in the night so that we can get our minds off ourselves and pray for others. I suspect over the past several months He has done the same to some of you on my behalf and that is humbling!

Then I stumbled downstairs and thought I'd blog a bit. I turned on tv and found House Hunters on vacation. I LOVE House Hunters (HGTV). Thisnew show takes a family on vacation and gives them some crazy resorts to choose from. They choose one in the end. Now... I'm dreaming of the beach. Maybe I should have stuck to praying :) !

Anyhow... I know this is a bit of a random post. What can I say, it is 2:46 in the morning. But I know how it goes from here on out and you may not hear from me for the next few days. (Hmmm.. so this is what I leave you with. Sorry.) Happy Tuesday and don't forget Bath and Body Works is having their Semi-annual sale and you can score some SUPER cheap stuff right now. (*random*)


vwiller said...

I love posts like this...I don't know how many on my blog are just this same type of stuff, the random ones not the praying. I always have my prayer list but don't often publish it. May be I should. Hoping your last day is not as bad as you fear, and as you said it is the last of this for now!!

jenny from mommin' it up said...

Nothing better than a middle of the night rambling! Thanks for passing on the prayer requests! I couldn't sleep either last night but I was worrying and praying for God to help me trust him. I do hate insomnia.

H in Berlin said...

We are way off a normal routine here so I haven't been checking your blog regularly but I have still been carrying you in prayer. So glad to read your updates today and all the good news you have received, all the prayer requests that God has been answering! Yee-haw! Rejoicing with you and carrying you in prayer for endurance to the end of this leg of the race!

Hugs to you from Berlin

ALo said...

thanks for all the prayer! i love you, friend!