Saturday, April 25, 2015

Out with the old, in with the new

It's a rainy Saturday.  The trees are popping with these little green things.  Leaves?  YES!  They just might be!  The tulips are out in full bloom.  Birds are chirping (even if they start a bit too early for my liking).  All signs that Spring has sprung here in the Miami Valley.  Hibernation has ended.  New life abounds. Neighbors have been busy in their small yards here in our sweet little city neighborhood.

I've been spring cleaning up in here.  In doing so, I've unearthed some treasures.  As well as a whole lot of crap.  It's made me want to shake the dust off of the blog.  And my memory.  It's good to remember.

Gymnastic Championships were last week.  Congrats to Performance Gymnastics Academy for the first place finish for Level 3 at the Rec level this year.  Olivia has successfully completed Level 3 and will move up to Level 4 team next year.  (A year ago that would have been all "blah blah blah" to my ears.  Now I know... that means YAY she did it!!!) 

My formerly shy daughter has become a confident 9 year old who works hard, encourages her team mates, giggles and follows instructions well.  I know mom's are proud of their kids.  It is fun to be proud of your child not just for what she does and her accomplishments, but for who she is and how she treats others. And it's doubly awesome when they accomplish much while being an awesome person all at the same time. I just might explode some days!  (Some days she gives me reasons to explode for other reasons.)

Seriously though.... when did this little peanut turn into this big girl?

I must have blinked or something.

Because this guy ...
well- never mind.  He's still a turkey.

If my mom were here to behold the kid Quinn is turning into, she would shake her head and tell me she knew from the instant we met him he was going to be a genius.  It's true!  I asked him the other day if he ever gets tired of talking.  He thought for about 10 seconds (the quietest he had been all day) and said, "No. Not really,  I just never run out of words."  That is the truth.

Time flies when you're having fun.  

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