Monday, March 24, 2014

Give me a break

Today is the first *official* day of Spring Break '14.  Steve and I went round and round on going away for break.  Some friends of ours graciously offered us their beach house in South Carolina for the week.  Although we have been back from overseas only a week, we were vacillating on jumping in the van and heading to the ocean.  The weather report was the only thing that kept us in Ohio.  South Carolina's NOT Ohio's!  It is 32 degrees here and will be again tomorrow.  Shoot.  But the forecast wasn't all that much better at the beach.  55 degrees and rainy just wasn't worth the 9 hour drive.  So, we're having a "staycation."  Which, I've decided, is a really creative way to say, "Nope, we're not going anywhere... how 'bout you."

Two kids have their 6 and 8 year well visits and one kid has a cavity that is scheduled to be filled all on Wednesday.  We went to the Y this morning and swam.  Tomorrow we're headed to the Children's Museum.  I cleaned my house on Saturday and we watched Basketball and cheered on the UD Flyers to victory.  Pretty much the same as every other week around here.

One of the souvenirs we picked up for the kids in Israel was a Monopoly game in Arabic.  This is our first set of Monopoly and the kids have been obsessed.  If we can get a few rounds in before school and after school, they've been very excited.  I've been excited too, because I've been smoking them!  (Oops, was that out loud?) But seriously, Quinn is one shrewd business man so I should be proud.

After all of our appointments on Wednesday, we will be shoving off for two nights at the Great Wolf Lodge.  Lucky for us, we have one about an hour from our house.  If you've never been to a GWL, it is a super fun and very elaborate hotel/water park.  Thanks to the generosity of Aunt Debbie and Uncle Mike's thoughtful Christmas gift, our staycation was able to get a bit more exciting.  We have not told the kids yet, because, really, who could stand the questions of "Is it time yet?" for the next three days.  Needless to say, they are going to be very excited when the find out.

Although we don't get a warm sunny beach vacay this spring break, it's a little hard to feel sorry for myself when I close my eyes and remember the ONE sunny day we had in Israel.  This is us at Capernaum on the Mediterranean Sea.  Oh, my!

Take that, South Carolina!

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