Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A genius idea

Two Ninjas and Albert Einstein in the house! 
What a fun year of trick or treating it was.  Our cousin, Nick, drove down from Columbus to join in the festivities and our good friends, Kristina and A.J. walked around with us too. 

Trick or treat was soggy but fun this year.  Lots of talk about postponing trick or treat around here. 


 Are you kidding me?  Back when I was little, we had to earn our candy!  I remember several years wearing a snow suit over my costume.  Not that it actually every snowed enough to warrant wearing a snow suit, but it was cold!  And no one ever dared mention a trick or treat postponement.

 And oh my word, I can't even imagine the bigger storm that would have hit my house if my sugar addicts had been asked to wait another day to collect their loot.  Have mercy! 

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