Saturday, November 23, 2013

6 degrees of separation from Jenny Rapson

Two posts in two days, I's basically a miracle. This morning our family got up early and headed to the mall to walk in a shoeless 5k to help raise money for one of my favorite organizations, Shoes4theshoeless. (They have come two years in a row to my kids' school and given away over 300 pairs of shoes each time.  It's an amazing group founded and directed by a dear friend of mine.)

At the walk, I ran into several people I know.  One of them is a dear friend whom I've known since before Quinn came home from China.  Jenny and her cousin, Emily, are the authors of Mommin' It Up! and they are basically famous!  In addition to being famous and funny, they are some of the most generous, big hearted people I know.
Jenny and her family were part of our small group from church for many years.  When I received my cancer diagnosis, Jenny and Emily went into high gear.  They used their blogger fame to help our family raise the money we needed to hire a nanny while I was in treatment.  We were amazed and humbled by God's use of Mommin' It Up! and their readers to bless us and provide for us.
They are at it again, using their bloggy fame and influence to raise awareness for cancer with the help of Master Card. Check out this post, she was even kind enough to feature my cancer story on her famous blog!  Find out  how you can use your Master Card and as you spend this holiday season, you can kill two birds (or kill a bird and potentially save a cancer patient) with one stone.
It's good to know good people!  And Jenny and Emily are two of them. It would be awesome if you would click over and meet them too and when your done, take your Master Card and tell yourself (or your husband) it's all in the name of giving.

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jenny from mommin' it up said...

The title cracked me up! We are way less than 6 degrees, and dang do I look like Casper in this pic or what (Cue "you're so vain" playing in the background.) Thanks for letting us tell your story again, it gives us & so many so much hope!
P.S. I think I am using this MasterCard Stand Up To Cancer donation thing as an excuse to start putting on my "winter weight". Gotta stay warm...