Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Two is better than four

Friday was an exciting day.  I received a demotion.

It was my quarterly Oncologist appointment. It was also the first time that I didn't drive myself crazy imagining stuff growing in my body.  A small victory in and of itself.  Scans were all clear, cancer numbers were awesome and they let me know that I am now switching to an every six month check up schedule.  Twice a year.  Only going in to that office two times a year seems like such a treat.  I'll get a scan each time and blood drawn and that will be that.  Demotion? Yes, please!

I also made an appointment today to see the surgeon regarding the removal of my port.  My port was installed (is that the right term?) February of 2011.  It doesn't bother me, but it also doesn't always work and is no longer necessary.  So... it's coming out.  Hurray.

Also on the medical front, tomorrow,  Quinn will go in first thing in the morning for surgery.  This is the last stop (as far as we know) on the surgical train for his cleft lip situation.  His lip has been repaired but there is a small cleft in his gum line that will be fixed tomorrow.  The doctor will take some bone from a cadaver and fill in the gap.  It is suppose to be a shorter surgery and hopefully he will come home tomorrow night... depending how recovery goes.

He will need to be on an anti-biotic for the next six weeks.  This is the part that both he and I are least looking forward to.  It's a fight to get Tylenol in him, this is going to be a six week fight.  He's already begun the protests.

It's crazy that four years ago last week we met him.  Now (hopefully) the final step in his medical journey will be complete.  I'm thankful for his cleft lip.  I'm guessing if it hadn't been for that, we would not have him in our family.  And life would just not be the same.

Here is a Quinn quote to close us out for the day :

Turner : "How many Siri's are there?"  (The lady on my iphone who tells me all I need to know in life.)

Quinn: "There is only one Siri.  But she is EVERYWHERE!!!"


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Anonymous said...

Love the pic of the boys. They are so cute! Praying for Quinn.

Michele Braceros