Thursday, July 25, 2013

Time flies when you're never home

My kids go back to school three weeks from today.  WHAT?!?! 

I know I talk a big game about having a break from the kiddos, but around here, we have not had nearly enough family home time for me to even be sick of them yet.

We just got home Tuesday evening from a two week road trip to Colorado.  (Six of those days were spent in the car getting to and from Ft. Collins, CO.)  I know, and I'm STILL sad they have to go back to school in two weeks.

40 total hours in the van with the family and I'm still speaking to all of them.  Although it was touch and go for about 2 hours on the way there with Steve.  And at that point we were only 70 miles into the trip.  We, however, rallied.

Colorado was amazing.  It was a conference for work.  Therefore, it was work.  But the kids spent six days in a kids camp and they had a ball.  The weather was close to perfect.  We stayed in a VBRO house that was perfect for our family.  I ate all kinds of deliciousness. I saw some old and very dear friends.  It was a fabulous trip.

In the next three weeks we have a lot coming up.  In addition to the back to school nuttiness, Quinn has a small surgery a week from today.  He will have a small cleft in his gum line fused with some bone from a cadaver.  It should be a *simple* surgery and will be crucial in his dental future.  It was now or later.  We choose now.

Several days after surgery we will pack the care one more time and head to Northern Michigan.  Steve's brother, sister in law and their 2 kids are up there.  We need some cousin fun (and another 7 hour van ride) to round out our summer.  Three days after that, all three of my kids will begin a full day of school.  The boys in kindergarten and Olivia in 2nd grade. 

Whew.  Summer, you go too fast!  Take a cue from Winter and stay around a little longer, please!

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Colleen said...

You've had quite the busy summer, girl! If you need a van break either on your way to N Mich or the way back, feel free to stop by! We'd love to see you. We are about 3 hrs from Dayton. Keep that in mind. ;o)