Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Year, New News

Happy New Year.  I guess I would say I'd like to resolve getting back into blogging this year.  But I always would *like* to- it's more a matter of just doing it.  There is so much to journal, so much I would like to keep track of.  And presuming you're interested, so much I would like to tell you.  Instead of beating myself up or trying to make up for lost time... I'll just start with some GOOD NEWS.

If you have read my story over the years you will remember, and should you not know anything about me, I'll go ahead and let you know this key piece of information... January for me is a dreaded month.  I don't truly believe in Jinx' or bad luck or stuff like that.  But if I did; I might would believe that bad stuff happens to/near/or around me in January.  There were a string of years my parents would end up in the hospital (and not just the  "I feel weird, I'll go get checked out at the hospital" kind of hospital- I'm talking life threatening, ICU kind of hospital.)  I was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer 2 years ago on January 20th.  Last year, one of my best friends was diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor in January.  So when New Year's Eve rolls around, I usually start counting down until February.

Our family drove down to New Orleans in between Christmas and New Year's this year.  (If you're doing the math in your head, that's a whole lotta togetherness from here to there!).  I contemplated (and prayed) about the fact that I had a CT scan and a doctor's appointment to look forward upon my return, on Jan 7th.  I also contemplated (and prayed) about the fact that I will trust God and no longer fear January.

This past Monday I had my CA125 (blood labs to indicate cancer levels) drawn and a CT scan done.  By that afternoon I received a call to let me know that everything is clear and wonderful.  A big sigh of relief and a "Thank you, Jesus" was let out- that's for sure. 

There is still a lot of January to go.  To be honest, every month has it's good and bad.  It's bright spots and negatives.  I want to choose to look at January as just the same as every other month.  For me, that is a big deal.  And a new resolution if you will.  So... Happy New Year AND Happy January.

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Congratulations with everything being all clear!

Michel Braceros