Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Smiles all around

It's official!  Mama's on break.  Whew.
I made it.  Honestly, we had an amazing summer.  Maybe one of my best ever.   But the past two and a half weeks with Olivia in school and the boys home, its been rough.  Really, really rough.  So now I can go to the grocery, a little lighter.  Two people lighter, actually.
Maybe I should feel guilty for being this giddy.  I enjoy my kids.  For real.  It's just that we could all use a break from each other. 
Turner and Quinn are in their second year of pre-school and are practically pro's.  Olivia is loving first grade and doing well.  And me?  I do believe the crazy eyes tell it all :)


victoria said...

12Gretchen starts tomorrow and for the first time since I started this mom gig (January 2004) I will get to have 2 hours 3x a week with no small ones....seriously. And I know that first tomorrow morning I will be bawling my eyes out then feeling giddy and finally and crushingly feeling guilty.

Family Fun Mom said...

Super happy for you!! The only days I am kid free are Friday's, (since I babysit...), BUT, I treasure those Fridays all. day. long.

Let's plan a Friday mommy morning out!