Thursday, September 6, 2012

Go Figure

Steve had a chance to golf with some good friends this afternoon.  Because I knew I had the *opportunity* to hold down the fort for the evening, we made a quick trip to the library after school.  By the way, I've become a total library addict after this summer.  We were there easily three times a week all summer long.  We rocked the summer reading program and have rented nearly every movie from the kids section.  But I digress.

The kids were each allowed to pick out a few books and a movie to be viewed through out the weekend. 

They've really been into Star Wars this summer.  (The originals, not the new ones.  Because I'm a purist like that!)  With that said, Quinn picked out Narnia for tonight.  I know it's a bit of a mature movie with some more mature themes.  I figured since they can deal with Darth Vader being Luke's father, they could handle a half fawn-half man.

Boy was I wrong!  Within 5 minutes of the movie starting, Quinn was under the couch cushions.  Turner had his ears covered.  They both asked me annoying, frustrating and redundant questions... for the next HOUR.  Finally, in the middle of an actual anxiety attack (mine, not theirs) I had a conversation with myself:

"Hey, wait a minute... I'm the adult here!  What the heck are we doing?  Just because I want them to love this movie, perhaps now is not the time."  Although Olivia was enjoying it and threw a bit of a fit when I turned it off, I realized sometimes you just gotta be the mama.

Who knew that Storm Troopers, light sabers and Sand People would be less frightening than talking beavers.  Oh well, live and learn.

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Shannon said...

I totally laughed out loud! Too funny!