Friday, December 9, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things

Things have been a bit of a downer around here the past few posts. So hopefully these holiday pics will provide some smiles for you as we enter into the weekend.
Nothing makes you smile like a good twirly dress!
Our co-workers, Nicole and Erin, met us at the Greene last weekend and the 65 degree day provided us with some nice outdoor photo ops.

It has FINALLY stopped raining around here and there are a few straggling snow flakes falling out my window.

I just pulled a batch of Christmas cookies out of the oven.
And in just a few minutes I'm getting in the car with some girlfriends and we are headed to spend the weekend in Ann Arbor with our friend, Sarah.
Dare I say, I'm starting to get in the Christmas spirit?
I hope you are too! Have a great weekend.


victoria said...

My sister Becca lives in Ann Arbor! Have a great time, and I LOVE the pictures! I am Christmas cookie baking next week. Tonight is tree trimming, hopefully!

The Halters said...

these are great pix! thanks for sharing them. have a wonderful weekend!

Katie O. said...

love love LOVE the pics. THE KIDS ARE GETTING SOOOO BIG!!!! I miss you all!!