Monday, September 19, 2011

The time has come

Who knew the day would every arrive when I would be asked to be a *guest blogger* on another blog? My friends Jenny and Emily over at Mommin' It Up asked me to write a post about my Cancer journey in honor of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. It's a bit of a bummer when you're asked to be a guest because of your battle with Cancer and not because of your laugh out loud humor or your incredible style tips ;) but it's niced to be asked regardless. You can click here to check out what I wrote.

Seriously, though, I do want to thank Jenny and Emily, their readers and several other bloggy friends who hosted GimmEfive, a fundraiser back in February. Through their efforts we were able to raise 100% of the funds needed to cover the cost of our nanny during the time of my *rough chemo* treatments. The blogging world is interesting. It is so strange to feel connected to people that perhaps you've never met. You can stalk their lives and feel like *friends* when you're not. You can know more about people who wouldn't know you if you saw them in an aisle at Target than you do about some of your family. I'm thankful to know Jenny and Emily in my *real* life. I'm thankful that they use their blog for good. I hope that through my Cancer journey, God will use this blog for good. I hope if you ever see me in a Target aisle you will say hi. I hope someday, we might be actual friends.

Until then, get your buns over to Mommin' It Up and make some new friends!


jenny from mommin' it up said...

You DO have laugh-out-loud humor, as evidenced in this post! Loved every word! Thanks for sharing with our readers today. Thanks for letting yourself be used for HIS glory!

momminitup said...

We are thankful to know you, too!

The Wellmans said...

The Mommin' It Up page was great. I can still see your personality in there a bit :).

vwiller said...

It is now time for me to tell you that it was the Give E five button on Kate's blog (Savvy Little WOmen) that led me to Maria and jenny for your gift from them as well. I have no doubt that it was a God-led moment for me. I am so incredible thankful for the friends you have there! And the blog post was perfectly written!