Monday, May 5, 2014

11 years and going strong

Steve and I celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary on Saturday.  Does that put us in our Tween years? 
Because we recently made a trip of a lifetime to Israel, we thought dinner out would suffice.  I received roses, Steve did yard work and I cleaned the house.  Pretty much exactly what I figured we would be doing 11 years ago as I walked down the aisle!
Our wedding day was beautiful.  After a short 4 month engagement, all the details were set and I'm pretty sure it is entirely possible to pull off your dream wedding in 4 months! 
We were married at Nazareth Hall in Grand Rapids, OH.  Once upon a time it was a military school for boys.  Now, it is a venue for weddings, parties, proms and Sorority formals.  Which is where I discovered it.  My senior year formal with Alpha Phi at BGSU, I stood there and declared (probably silently and only to myself as a witness), "This is where I will get married." 
And so- I did. 
Did you know I used to be  blond?  Yep.  I look back and I am not so sure it was a good idea to stay blond for as many years as I did.  I think it made me look a little washed out.  Oh well.
I got married about six weeks before my 31st birthday.  When most people look back at their wedding pictures, I feel like they say, "We looked so young."  I don't find myself saying that.  Because I wasn't.  But I do say, "Man, was I blond!"
I have to say, I'm not one into frills.  I can honestly say, if I were to do my wedding all over again today, I would probably still choose my dress.  I know it is plain and not exactly exciting, but it is me.  And the peony/tulip bouquet?  Wish I could carry one every single day of my life!
Our sweet friend, Linnea, came to be with the kids while we went out for anniversary dinner.  The kids were so happy to see her.  In fact, I'm not sure she was here 5 minutes before she was upstairs making forts.  We got home earlier than expected from dinner.  I was greeted, "Oh, man.  Mom, why are you home early???  We're not finished yet."  That is the sign of a good night with your friend!
11 years later, life is amazing.  There have been some crazy events in the last decade plus, but oh man, my heart overflows with love for my amazing husband and the life God is building for us.

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