Friday, April 11, 2014

Nothing a little Cheetos, Chocolate and David Hastlehoff Won't Cure

Here it is, the end of another week.  It was a nice, normal week around here.  Which means we only had the normal crazy.  I like normal crazy.  The weather broke a touch.  It was not snowing, only a few rainy days and it even hit 70 yesterday.  The grass is green, the flowers are out and if only the forecast didn't call for a 46 degree day in the next five days, I would declare Spring to be Sprung.

Life just feels better when I can open the windows and shoo the kids out for a little bit.

Steve's dad had back surgery last week and we are thankful that all went well.  He is home and recovering.  We expect him to be swinging a golf club by the summer.  Steve's mom needs to go out of town this weekend, so Steve is headed to Ashtabula for the night to keep his dad company.  *Somehow* I find myself hosting our first sleepover on the same night.  I guess the somehow is actually my stupidity.  How I've managed to weasel my way out of one until now is pure skill on my part.  Its not actually the sleepover that intimidates me.  The friends that Olivia has coming over are great and I enjoy them and, frankly, I probably won't even see them for 2 days.  No, the intimidation factor comes with the brothers.

I HATE anticipating "NO FAIR!"  "How come Olivia gets friends over and we don't?"  (Because I might be stupid to do this while your dad is away, but I'm not INSANE... that's why!)

Keeping the boys from bothering the girls... dreading.  Keeping the girls from screaming and yelling at the boys the whole time...shuddering.  Unwinding on a Friday evening... impossible.

However, I delight in the right of passage that IS being a second- nearly third grade- girl.  THE SLEEPOVER.  So, part of my job today is to make sure there is enough junk food to sustain them.  AND the brothers.  Because if I have any shot of making it through to Steve's arrival on Saturday night, it's bribing everyone with sugar and a variety of snacks that will stain their hands- and my furniture-  orange. 

No worries, I'm gonna nail this!

One last thing to make you smile as you begin this weekend... I found this photo on my phone this week.  It made me laugh hysterically... and I seriously have NO IDEA how it got there.  See if you can name the face that doesn't exactly belong:

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