Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Busy living

It's a vicious cycle, I tell 'ya.  And by *it* I mean blogging.  Or life.  Or perhaps both.  I guess I'm not exactly sure.  I want to blog.  I need to blog.  I don't blog.  I feel overwhelmed.  And all of a sudden it's too much to blog about.   But then I remember that blogging is for me.   I just don't want to forget these fun days of childhood.  Therefore, I pull myself back onto the blog train before it leaves the station.  For good.

 Over the past few weeks my friend, Susie, finished up her chemo treatment for a brain tumor.  We celebrated her.  It was a surprise and a great reason to celebrate.
 Another great reason to celebrate was 10 years with this guy.  Steve's mom came and watched the kids for two nights so that we could get away.  We went to Columbus and enjoyed undisturbed time in a fancy hotel.  We had time to read, sleep, talk, laugh and remember that day 10 years ago that sealed our fate.  It was a great couple of days.
 There has been time to be silly with my kids.  Have I  mentioned how much I REALLY enjoy my daughter??  She is SO MUCH FUN to hang out with.  (except, of course, when she's not.)
 Steve's cousin, Matt, got engaged and we went to Kalamazoo, MI over the weekend to celebrate.  It was a family reunion of sorts.  Cousin fun is so awesome- and important.
 Overall, the past few weeks have been really great.  It never hurts that my windows are open, it's 84 degrees out side and the sun is shining.
 I  might be a bad person but I'm not a baby lover.  I am discovering I am an older kid lover.  I find so much humor in my kids (when I don't want to wring their necks.)  These three make me a total nut job at times.  But they also bring me a million smiles.
I am so thankful for a season of purpose, peacefulness and *normal.*  I guess that is why I've been too busy to blog.  Not a bad reason when all is said and done.  I just don't want to miss the chance share the joy along the way!

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