Thursday, November 29, 2012

Bring it on

I had a post pre-Thanksgiving all set to go.  And then I got sick.  And never sent it.  Now it is post Thanksgiving and obsolete.  So, here is our Thanksgiving synopsis:

The kids were off of school.
I got sick.  102.5 fever.  Steve got sick.  We let the kids watch a super ton of tv.
We went to the Crowne Plaza for Thanksgiving day lunch.  I ate 3 bites and felt like crap.
Steve stayed sick until Sunday until we had a terrible fight because I was being a baby.
We feel better, kids are back to school and life rolls on.
The end.

Somehow in the midst of hacking coughs, Vick's Vapo Rub and cough syrup, I managed to haul all of my Christmas crap down from the attic.  We re-arranged our downstairs furniture and transformed our house into a winter wonderland.  This is the first year since we've been married w/ kids/dog that we have had a full size tree.  We usually have a 3 ft table top tree in order to keep ornaments out of temptation's way of kid and canine. This year I feel like a real grown up. The kids and I have been super excited about this.  I'm not sure Steve has even noticed.

I allowed the kids to decorate the 3 ft tree that will now live in the guest bedroom. They used all of the additional, unused decorations to decorate their own little space and they did a great job.  They had a blast and I didn't have to keep saying, "Please don't put that there." Or "Don't hang all the ornaments in one big clump."  They did it however they wanted.  It was a win/win.

Now I only have 27 more days to answer the "Is it Christmas yet?" question.  Let the Christmas season begin.

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